Just another person

It’s been a while since I wrote here. A few Months really.

This started as an attempt to get noticed, maybe someone would like the way I write, or some of my pics. After a while, I really didn’t see the return I was hoping for. I was expecting, maybe a bit foolishly, that I’ll defiantly go viral. But I eventually got carried away by other things in my life.

This year I went from setting a goal to go on 1000 trips, and summiting Everest, to getting sucked by a start-up I founded, going to classes that I had absolutely no interest in, finding a better half, and working to keep my apartment – and IT WAS GREAT!

I finally decided to quite the path I was on to become a lawyer, and not take the bar exam. I found a job that combine creativity and social media as a social media manager. I found an amazing women (let’s call her G), that was a fusion of  all the good things God put on this earth. I founded a start-up that was very promising.

BUT, at some point, probably in a span of one or two weeks, it all went to shit.

The market the start-up was positioned in became  extremely inhospitable, we didn’t make it in to any of the programs and excelerators we applied to. My team and I decided it was best to close it. Personally I didn’t get into an exclusive Entrepreneurship program I applied to. School became a task, more then a treat.

All of these are things I could and can handle though, the hardest part, was that these things tagged along to end of my relationship with G. The break up wasn’t supposed to be that hard, I didn’t plan on getting into a relationship anyway. I met G during a photoshoot for my college, she was sitting with a mutual friend, so I went to sit with them for a few minutes. Obviously I snapped a quick picture of her. She had a huge smile, a smile with all here teeth, deep brown eyes, her hair was like waves, and she had a tad of a french accent. She was amazing.

Probably 10 minutes after leaving them, I texted my friend and asked him to give me the 411 about her, and he told me that she was dating someone, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to last. And after a few weeks, G and I set up a date.

Even then, during the first date, I could tell she wasn’t ordinary. We just clicked.

The next few months were full of her, the way she smiled at me, the way she smelled, the way she kissed. I shifted from not even wanting a relationship, to actually imagining her in my future. She was the person I wanted to be with.

It wasn’t mutual, not for long anyway. She didn’t feel like this was “it”. I wasn’t the “one”. I got what she was saying. I understand that this is what you want. But, I don’t, and can’t accept it. IT SUCKED!

So this is me for the last few weeks. This is me ending another year without a better half. This is the end, from which I can only push upward.

How do you continue? No idea. One day at a time. I don’t presume I can give any tips, not that I’m going to try to, but the best thing that I noticed is: tomorrow is 24 hours away MAX.

I guess this post was a rant. I just needed to exhale the smug that I pull, and frankly I don’t want to dump on people that would try to give me tips. God willing this period in my life will be quick, and I’ll look at it in retrospect as educational. God willing I’ll find love, and love will find me. And, God I hope G will also find the one, because despite everything, she is as amazing as I hope my words expressed. Hope it’ll be a great new year.



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