Hey Guys!

I’ve been neglecting my blog responsibilities for a while now. unfortunately I have other things that filled my time recently and are going to do so for the next few months – having to complete all the classes I missed while I was in Germany, other classes that I have, working as a freelance marketing manager and so on.

Most of my time is dedicated to things that sidetrack me from my goal – 1000 trips to Everest. Yet all these only strengthens my determination not to be controlled by a routine of uninteresting activities an obligations. One thing’s for sure – I’m not going to neglect obligations I already took on.

Surprisingly, the obligations give room to develop dexterities that otherwise would be hard to develop. I’ve been receiving some paid photography opportunities. Given, the paid is not high, but I look at it as a sign of progress.

How is this related to my goal? It correlates strongly with the financial back needed to sustain itΒ – developing this ability, writing in this blog – the hope of many to go viral, all these can sustain a different, more free lifestyle, but not in the “lets chill on the beach of a week” type of way, but in the “lets experience the world and all the amazing things it offers in the 80 years I have left”.

So for now I’ll share some of the pics, many of them You can find on my Instagram (@ram.Penkar):

Would love to get some feedback=]

Have a great weekend


From an Event with the El-Al (Israel airline) execs:


From a wedding vid photoshoot:


This is how I go to sleep & wakeup every morning:



2 thoughts on “dexterity

  1. I love this, Ram! And really: I’m a big believer in the idea that “real life” is where we get some of the best material for creative work.

    Congrats on the photography opportunities … Looking good!

    Happy shooting! πŸ™‚

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