One day at a time

It’s been a rough few days, haven’t posted much, and really haven’t done much.

For some reason I’m more involved in people’s lives then I wish, and from past experience once you’re involved you stand the chance of getting hurt. Even more so when your emotions are part of the equation.

The conclusion I made from this past few weeks is to detach, evaluate as much as possible from an objective point of view, and hopefully let time do it’s job.

I realise this is a very vague post, but I hope the message behind it is understandable. It’s always hard for me to talk about feelings, so I think on this one I’m going to leave it to your better judgement.

On a more positive note, I had a photoshoot in a local tattoo shop that I think produced some interesting results. hope you enjoy some of it 😉

The setting I used changed a lot since the lighting was different literally in each pic, so I don’t really have exact settings for them.

Have a great weekend;)


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