Red Winter weekend – Israeli Desert

The interesting thing about Israel is that you can walk the length of the country from tip to tip, and experience all types of nature scenery, everything from snow covered mountains (Mount Hermon) in the north to a desert in the south(a.k.a Negev).

This time I focused on the Desert.

David Ben Gurion said that the Negev is where the creativity and the pioneer vigour of Israel will be tested. I’ve spend a few years in the desert. I’ve spent a few years in the Negev during my military service, and quite honestly I thought I’ve seen it all. I’ve been there during the night, during the day, during sandstorms, and thick fog that limits your sight to 3 meters.

But this weekend I got a special winter treat, the blossom of the Anemone flower in the south. I’ve seen the blossom before, but I never took the time to actually stop and pay attention to it.

Thankfully, my friend Mai (who’ve I mentioned in the last post) gave this time, and gave my the opportunity to actually stop, and admire this beauty.

This trip is exactly what I hope to get out from my 1000 trips to Everest challenge. The opportunity to expand my horizons and invest time in collecting experiences – and what a better place to start then right here at home?

I hope you enjoy the pics I took, unfortunately my Canon lens broke this morning, so all pics were taken with my iPhone 6s camera.

Also check out my Instagram account for other cool pics from Israel 😉






10 thoughts on “Red Winter weekend – Israeli Desert

  1. What a great way to learn more about Isreal, a country completely unknown to me really. Educating this Brit one blog post at a time :p


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