First steps

Long time no post. I’ve began taking steps to reach my goals in life. I moved out of home, and started going out to experience the Tel Aviv nightlife.

It’s always hard to move out of the comforting environment of your parents home. Not just because you suddenly have to pay rent, and buy groceries and actually clean after yourself. For me it’s hard because it signifies the beginning of a new faze in life.

Standing in the threshold of a new adventure, there is always a sense of fear and excitement. Fear because you’re facing the unknown, and excitement because the unknowns tend to hold great new experiences.

My hope from the move, is that it’ll be a platform to reach and conquer my long term goal of not making money and career the purpose of life, but a vessel. Making sure I don’t start living at the age of 70, but living my life from the now.

I’d love to hear more about your long term resolutions. Where are you now in life, and what steps you are taking to get to where you actually want to be.

On a different note, I truly have a great friend in my life. Her name is Mai. I think people like Mai are unique. I’ve known her for about 6 years, and during these years I got to meet an amazing person, one that donates her time to help kids from broken homes, organise charity events, and overall do good for the world.

Personally, Mai simply amplified the taste, smell, color and feel of life. I truly believe she elevated all aspects of my life. Together we decided to have a weekly adventure, focusing on experiencing foods in Israel. Just this Thursday we visited the Sarona food market in Tel Aviv which turned out to be an amazing evening. more about that and of other places we will visit you can read about in a new blog that we’ll open together soon. for now, enjoy some pics from that night (taken with iPhone 6s).

Have a great week guys and don’t forget to check out my Instagram @RamPenkar for more pics 😉



5 thoughts on “First steps

  1. I love your idea! It’s true that we don’t have to travel far to explore, experience new tastes and sounds and sights, and have an adventure or two. Glad your friend could share that with you. 🙂


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