First post of the rest of my life, and the 1000 trips to Everest

Got back to Israel a week ago, after 4 Months in Wiesbaden Germany. during these four months my mind was very busy in what’s going on back home, how are my friends and family, what’s on the news, is it still beach wether in Tel-Aviv.

During my time in Germany I had some good influences in my life, started reading every day for a few hours, started working out regularly, started eating right. Basically started concentrating on myself and what I project to the world. but as I started changing my image as seen by others, I realised that I’m actually not doing anything for me. Everything I was doing was for others.
This realisation that I might wake up in my 70′s and all I had to show for myself is professional accomplishments, money and nice things that I bought, is vastly not fulfilling. I was on the right track to be a boring person.

With this realisation I returned home, and immediately was slapped in the face by real life. People in Israel are very engaged, warm and “in your face”. It’s not a bad thing, but it was so distinct from what I’ve gotten used to in Germany. All of a sudden going to the post office was accompanied by people yelling at the post office clerk, that in turned yelled at me. the Supermarket was lacking things I was used to buying, and frankly had broken floor tiles, long lines and an overall mediocre vibe to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. I served in the army, I pay taxes, and I had the chance to travel and camp this beautiful land for years. But this dissonance that was apparent to me mad me want to experience more.

These two conclusions amplified and complemented each other. I wasn’t doing much for myself, and I can see differences due to new experiences that sharpened the flavour of each country. This is where my resolution begins: I am going to go on 1000 trips, and the 1000th trip will be an ascending everest.

It might sound like a boyish goal, and honestly it is. it’s a combination of child like dreaming, with an honest and resolute determination to not wake up in 50 years and feel like i’ve done nothing, but living my life moto: “who dares wins”

my hope from this blog is to take people in my #journey, having people accompany my through trips in Israel, and the world. having you experiencing diving lessons, rock climbing, air diving, and, hopefully in a few years, summiting Everest.

i’ll keep you posted, uploading pics from my #gopro and #canon, and hopefully, if this thing catches on, I’ll get to meet many of you anywhere I go.


P.S check out my instagram for more pics. @RamPenkar


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